The US economic recession is inevitable

According to the majority of US economic analysts, the US economic recession is hard to avoid in 2019. In the survey conducted by Duke University, only 18% of the finance think that there will be no recession before 2020.

The second major theme of next year is economics. Nearly half (48.6%) of CFOs of major US corporations expressed concern that the recession will begin in the second half of 2019. At the end of 2018, a survey conducted by Duke University showed that the majority (82%) of corporate finance executives considered the recession inevitable, if not in 2019, it would be in 2020.

The first warning sign of the beginning of the ending the economic recovery cycle, taking place for nearly a decade, is the stock market indexes plummeted at the end of 2018. The meeting in 12/2018 by leaders of the agencies managing the Department US Federal Reserve (FED), has proved that Wall Street stock brokers are worried about it without cause.

In 2018, the basic discount rate has been raised (0.25%) for the fourth time, and in 2019, it is expected that there will be only two increases in the discount rate. This means that the US economy is currently not performing well, and it needs to be stimulated to accelerate by the support of “black” money” with low discount rate.

The decline in the growth rate, according to the evaluation of FED experts, relates a lot to the losses from the US-China trade war launched by Trump. The survey mentioned above by Duke University shows that the key financial leaders of 212 leading corporations are pessimistic about the prospect of profit in 2019, for their corporations.

If in 9/2018, the profit growth rate is 13%, then 2019 is expected to be only 4.5%. At the same time, it is also expected that a decline in income growth, investment growth and expansion of corporations, as well as a few other indicators that characterize the company’s operations.

Reporters shook because the German journalist admitted fabricating the news

The famous German news magazine Der Spiegel fired a prize-winning journalist after he was accused of fabricating details and quotes in many of his articles.

Guardian reported that the news magazine Der Spiegel had fallen into crisis after admitting that one of their top journalists had fabricated information in the past few years. This information has caused the world news so shock.

Accordingly, the journalist Claas Relotius is accused of “fabricating details on a large scale and even composing characters” in at least 14 of his 60 papers. They have appeared in print and electronic journals. Der Spiegel warned that other news agencies could be affected. Among the relevant articles are the important articles that have been nominated or won, Der Spiegel said.

In a statement released on December 19, the German magazine said it was determining the full scale of the rumors of Relotius. It was found after a colleague co-operated with the journalist in an article expressing the suspicion of Relotius’s post.

An investigation into Relotius’s article on migration and the US-Mexico border shows that he fabricated information about seeing a hand painted sign in a Minnesota town: “The Mexicans get out of here “.

The fabricated information appeared on other articles including an article about prisoners at the US military base in Guantanamo Bay and an article about American football player Colin Kaepernick.

Relotius, who started writing for Der Spiegel as a freelance journalist in 2011. He confessed to the magazine that he regretted his actions and was extremely embarrassed. Relotius wrote a total of 60 articles for Der Spiegel, many of which he claimed to be accurate.

Der Spiegel is one of the most prominent news agencies in Germany. It was founded in 1947 and is well known for its in-depth investigation papers. The magazine sells around 725,000 copies a month and attracts more than 6.5 million readers on the site.


The way for media newspapers developed in the time of technology

Information is the opportunity to re-establish the value of the mainstream press and focus on quality. Relying on readers is the longest, most stable and lasting way for a newspaper to grow.

Just a few decades ago, the press was still a reliable source of information at affordable prices. Readers did not hesitate to spend the amount of money as well as their breakfast to buy daily news.

At present, the technology platform is growing. The more online advertising and social networking appear to be as a news approach to information for people. The press is losing faith in its readers. On the other hand, it is struggling to find new ways of business before the development of technology.

The “read the newspaper” by social networking brings “single benefits but many benefits” such as diverse information, fast updates, news spread and almost free.

The Facebook Instant is an example. This feature allows users to read the full text of the articles right on their News Feed without opening a web browser. On average, Facebook users spend less than a second waiting to open a newsletter, which is 10 times faster than previous rates.

The social networking is the place to spread the news but not all the news are originated from here. In addition to famous technology companies such as Facebook or Google spread advertising, false information. But it is their media organizations who are responsible for messages in the first.

There are articles that are classified ads, but the title is not labeled and mixed with other news. The disguised ads that are also considered fake. Fairly speaking, the fake news is an opportunity to re-establish the value of the mainstream press brand and focus on quality.

In the face of overwhelming and overwhelming online information, news publishers need to focus on creating meaningful and influential articles that will convince readers to spend money for it.

Of course, these promising solutions or promises of journalistic quality can not change the field of journalism better overnight. But they can also improve media – advertising – news – beliefs.


Chinese scientists have created the world’s first genetically modified twins

Recently, in the news, a Chinese researcher has just claimed to have created the world’s first two genetically modified twins with new tools. Ha Kien Khue, a researcher in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, is well known. He confirmed that embryonic adjustments of seven couples and one of them resulted in successful DNA adjustment.

Mr. Xia said that the goal of the experiment was not to treat or to prevent genetic diseases. But it is tried to incorporate biological features. It is that few have such as the ability to resist HIV infection.

According to Chinese scientists, the couples who participated in the experiment did not accept identity claims or interviews with the news. He refused to disclose that where is about of the couples.

He recruited volunteer couples from an AIDS rights group that is called Baihualin. Genetic modification is performed during artificial insemination (IVF). Scientists began to wash sperm of men to separate from semen where contains the HIV virus. After transplanting sperm and eggs to create embryos, genetic modifiers are added.

After 3-5 days, they removed some cells from the embryo and checked the progress of gene regulation. Couples are choose between embryonic or non-regulated embryos for pregnancy. “16/22 embryos were adjusted and 11 embryos were used in 6 attempts to attach to the uterus before a pair of twin pregnancies”, Mr. Xia said that.

Initial screening results revealed that one of the twins was inherited from both copies which are modified gene. There are no signs that other genes was compromised.

The scientist said he had informed the volunteers of the mortality target and reminded the trial of risks. In addition,  he will support for artificial insemination which is completely free. He also pledged to provide insurance for all babies born in this experiment. He accepts medical support for children up to 18 years of age or more if they agreed.