Apple’s Network Hacked Multiple Times by Australian Teenager

An Australian teenager accessed 90 GB worth of data when he breached the secure network of Apple several times. According to court documents the hacker from Australia, only 16 years of age broke into the computer system of Apple and might have downloaded some of the internal files.

According to news reports from the Age newspaper the teenager admits that his actions were wrong, although it was driven by his complete admiration for the renowned company. The young boy stored and downloaded files worth 90 GB while he had access to customers data, which was available without exposing his own identity.

Stolen Files Safely Stored in File Hacky Hack Hack

The teens home was searched by the Australian Federal Police a year ago while the court revealed that the search found a mobile phone, two laptops and a hard drive matching the intrusion Apple reported. The court reports also show that the boy bragged via WhatsApp messenger about his activities. At the time the two Apple laptops were seized since both matched the serial numbers of the devices that were reported as the ones that had access to the Apple internal systems. At the time a hard drive and mobile were also seized and matched to the intrusions into Apple’s system.

The age on all reports is listed as the age of the boy when all the investigation started, which is also the date on which Apple became aware of the intrusion and then contacted the FBI. The FBI passed on this case to the Australian Federal Police. On Friday, Apple spoke to reporters and wanted to reassure all its users that no data of any customer was compromised during the security breach.

Dream of Working for Apple Motivates Australian to Break into Security System

The teenager dreamt of one day being part of the respected Apple company, and he told police that it motivated him to hack their system. The teenager’s name is not made known to the public, and his lawyer told the press that his client is so well-known within the hacking community, internationally that making his identity known could put him in danger.

University of Melbourne Privacy Expert Feels A Punitive Sentence is a Waste of Potential

Dr Suelette Dreyfus from the Melbourne University has studied hacking cases around the globe and done extensive research, which proofed that most teenage hackers outgrew their temporarily teen dream of pushing technology and then contributes to the society by living useful lives. Putting the teen hacker into prison would be a complete waste of his potential. The Australian teen will be sentenced on the 20th of September, and he is punished as a juvenile offender, while his crime is hacking Apple, a company that recently became the most valuable with a worth over $1 trillion. His curiosity with his favourite company and becoming an Apple employee motivated him to explore and break the rules, boasting about his success was another mistake, in the meanwhile, he needs to wait for his sentence until September.

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