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Can Trump Build the Border Wall?

President Donald Trump has been a big supporter of keeping undocumented migrants out of the United States. One of his ideas, which he focused on in his election campaign was to build a wall stretching throughout the border with Mexico. He stated, “Drugs are pouring into our country at a record pace. A lot of people coming in that we can’t have.” That is why he has coined a bill of love to keep undocumented immigrants out of the U.S. and build a wall that he thinks can help accomplish that. One year into his presidency construction on the wall has not started, but he has gotten the ball rolling.

Trump’s Promise

Trump first brought up the 2,000-mile border wall with Mexico back in 2015 when he announced he would be running for President. He stated, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” He also raised eyebrows when he said that Mexico should pay for the wall.

The Cost

Recently the Trump administration state that they were looking for $18 billion over the next 10 years and this is not for the whole construction of the wall, but rather the initial phase. When asked about the cost during his election campaign he believed this phase would cost $10 billion. The estimated costs were derived from the US Customs, and Border Protection and the money would go to 316 miles of new fencing as well as the reinforcing of 400 miles of barriers that are already in place on the borders between the two countries.

There are other significant costs to the construction, as the US Customs and Border Protection also asked for $8 billion for personal and training. On top of that, they requested an additional $5 billion for enhanced border technology as well as an additional $1 billion for access roads along the border. All in all that adds up to a bill of $33 billion over the next decade.

Who Will Foot the Bill?

At first, Trump said Mexico should pay for the border wall, but they have said over-and-over they will not fit the bill. Recently Trump stuck to his guns stating, “I believe Mexico will pay for the wall. I have a very good relationship with Mexico. But yes, in some form, Mexico will pay for the wall.” However, the U.S. taxpayers will have to pay for at least some of the wall if not all of it. In a US Department of Homeland Security report back in February of 2017, it stated that the burden on the taxpayers would be $173 billion. Construction on eight prototypes of walls began in September of 2017 that ranked from 18-30 feet in height. These prototypes are still in San Diego, but none has been chosen to be the main wall. That may never even happen as the funding for the wall still.

Canadians in Shock and Mourning over Tragic Accident leaves 15 Dead

Canadians and people from around the world are mourning the tragedy that took the lives of 15 young Humboldt Broncos hockey players in Saskatchewan who were on their way to a playoff game. The death toll has now risen to fifteen after bus they were traveling in was struck broadside by a semi-tractor trailer.

The RCMP said there were twenty-nine people onboard the bus at the time of impact. This included the players, coaching staff and driver. The crash occurred at an intersection 120 miles northeast of Saskatoon. Initially, fourteen were killed however another passed away from his injuries while in hospital shortly after the accident. An additional fifteen were being treated for injuries, three of which are classified as critical. The photos taken of the accident scene show devastation and are suggestive that the impact tore the bus in two. There was debris strewn across the highway, and surrounding area and the semi-trailer could be seen on its side.

RCMP Not Releasing Names of Victims

The RCMP has not released the names of the victims out of respect for privacy and compassion. Families were in the process of being notified with many of those coming from Western Canada and all between the ages of 16-21.

At this stage of the investigation, it is too early to determine what caused the accident or who was at fault. There are reports that state Darcy Haugan, Head Coach of Humboldt was among those killed as well as team captain, Logan Schatz.

Team officials are struggling to deal with the impact and loss of the accident and have stated their main priority is the community and player families. They released a statement that said “We are heartbroken and completely devastated by the tragedy that occurred yesterday. We will never forget 6 April 2018. We will never forget the members of our Broncos family who were taken from us …We will persevere, and we will honour the souls who were lost.”

Kevin Garinger, Team President said the team were close a known well in the small farming community. The crash had families rushing to the area to check on their children, many in fear of what they would find. An emergency crisis team is on hand to help the grieving families and those impacted within the community.

Parents and community members were gathering at the local church to provide support and help in any way possible and local area hotels offered families free accommodation. The entire country has been impacted by the accident, and a GoFundMe page has been started with the goal of raising $4 million to help families with over $3, 629,000 already being donated in 24 hours.

Condolences Coming From Around the World

Condolences are coming in from across Canada, the U.S and the rest of the world in what is one of the worse sport team accidents in history. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “An entire country is in shock and mourning. Our national hockey family is a close one, with roots in almost every town – small and big – across Canada. Humboldt is no exception, and today the country and the entire hockey community stands with you.”

YouTube Shooter Angry about Treatment of Video Postings

This week’s shooter at the headquarters of YouTube expressed aggression towards YouTube with respect to perceived treatment towards her channel and posted videos that she felt was disallowing her to share her message towards animal treatment. The shooter has been identified as 39 year old Nasim Aghdam, 39, and while Aghdam took her own life, police are still looking into the motive behind the attack. The attack saw two women and one man injured. At this time, police do not believe any of the victims were targeted and there is no evidence that would suggest they knew the shooter. The male victim is in hospital and listed in critical condition and additional information on the female victims relayed that one was in serious condition and the others was fair.

Police Release Limited Details

What is known about the shooter is that she resided in San Diego, had a large presence online and was a vegan bodybuilder. At this time, the police investigators have not released much about Nasim Aghdam other than she operated several channels on YouTube and owned a website where she posted a variety of videos that focused towards the cruelty towards animals. All channels have not been deleted. Aghdam had posted in 2017 that she felt YouTube was purposely applying filters to the content she posted to deviate viewers from finding her content. She also posted quotes from Adolf Hitler, and wrote that there is little opportunity for equal growth on YouTube and other video content sharing sites.
The shooters father spoke to the media stating that his daughter was mad that YouTube had put a stop to payments for her videos. Those who post videos on their channels are able to receive payments from advertisements that are linked to their videos. However, YouTube has the ability to stop payments for a variety of reasons and remove advertising from videos that are posted.

Father of Shooter Warned Police

Aghdam has failed to respond to phone calls and left messages for several days and had been reported to police as missing. Aghdam’s vehicle was located by police with the shooter inside but was not detailed by police. At the time of the missing person’s report, her father stated to police he was concerned she may attempt to visit the YouTube offices and that she had hatred for the company. As of yesterday, the company had deleted her YouTube accounts as did Facebook and Instagram.

Aghdam went to the YouTube offices during the lunch hour and approached the patio area used by employees. She then began shooting with a handgun. Police were called and arriving on scene found chaos and multiple employees fleeing the area. Many of the employees left with hands raised and many others were checked by police for weapons as confusion as to the shooters identity was unknown at that time. San Bruno police found several victims bleeding from wounds as a result of gunfire at the offices and two others were found at business that neighbour the YouTube offices. The shooter was found in the offices of YouTube and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter from a gunshot wound that was self-inflicted. One employee who works at a local restaurant helped treat one of the victims for a leg wound by creating a tourniquet using a bungee cord while waiting for emergency personal to arrive on scene.

Many YouTube employees took to twitter to alert family members they were ok. All victims were rushed to the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. YouTube employs 1700 people at its headquarters. It is owned by Google and is the largest employer in the San Bruno area.

Quirkiest Museums in New York

New York has its fair share of quirks being the biggest city in the United States, and there are also quite a few quirky museums that are interesting. Here are a few of the quirkiest museums in New York City.

Morbid Anatomy Museum – Brooklyn

The exhibitions at the Morbid Anatomy Museum are always changing, but you can be sure of one thing is that they will be morbid. Not only are the exhibitions fascinating, but so is the library, which is filled with books about the history of medicine as well as ones dealing with anatomical art. If a human hair scrapbook or an exploded skeleton piques your interest, this is THE museum to visit.

The City Reliquary – Brooklyn

This is a great museum, which is about the history of New York and much quirkier than the bigger New York Historical Society and the Museum of the City of New York. They have high-end items on exhibit such as Tiffany lamps and the popular Hudson River Paintings to others such as classic postcards of the Statue of Liberty and a chain from the City Hall. You can explore the history of the great city in this interesting museum.

The Elevator Historical Society – Long Island

As there are so many elevators in New York and museums devoted to subways and cars it only makes sense to have an elevator museum. Contractor Patrick Carrajat is an elevator expert and even an elevator expert witness. When not working on a case he shows the public all the wonderful things about elevators. The museum has everything about elevators and more and some date back as far as 1881.

Museum – New York City

The Museum is a type of natural history museum where you can find things you will not find at the Smithsonian such as the shoe thrown at George Bush Jr. in 2008 and censored pool toys from Saudi Arabia. This museum is fascinating and historical and cannot be missed.

Museum of Sex (MoSex) – New York City

The name of the museum says it all and located in the former Tenderloin district and has everything from the tasteful to the tasteless. You can feel the silicone Real Doll torsos or check out the over 200 clips from sex on film for the past 150 years including some very explicit scenes from iconic movies such as Deep Throat.

Museum of the American Gangster – New York City

While the Museum of the American Gangster may not be the quirkiest museum on this list and it is located in an old speakeasy. There are exhibits about American gangsters and New York gangsters, and you can even learn some new things that may come in handy such as how to burn off fingerprints to how to hide a flask.

Houdini Museum – New York City

This museum has many artefacts from Harry Houdini’s life and shows how he pulled off some of his best tricks. There are also rare footage films of the famous magician, which cast a light on one quirky character.