Giving it 100: Change Your Life In 100 Days

Giveit100 is one the latest internet phenomena to hit social media, and surprisingly this time it’s a beneficial one.

To join in, you make a profile, choose a goal and start uploading videos. Users simply record a short ten second daily video and that’s it, no messing about with titles or tags, when it’s uploaded, it’s uploaded. Over the course of the 100 days, the user seeks to improve on the skill or challenge they’ve set for themselves. On the final day you get a minute of footage to show off your new skill in all its glory and then you’re done!

The website comes from the minds of Karen X Cheng and Finbarr Taylor. The Wee G spoke with Taylor, a Computer Science graduate from the University of Strathclyde, who is the sole engineer at Giveit100.com.

Discussing how the concept of Giveit100 came into existence, he tells us that his “co-founder Karen made a video documenting her own journey of learning to dance in a year. Scores of people reached out to her after seeing the video saying they wanted to do their own projects. Give it 100 was born.”

Cheng’s video

“Everyone starts a beginner” writes Cheng on the websites about page. “We made Giveit100 for you to capture the moment you start out, and every moment after that. One day you may look back and cringe. But that will be the same moment you realize: Woah. I’ve come a long way.” You only have to look at some of the videos and success stories so far to see the truth in her words.

Marco Dela Torre’s guitar timelapse

With the site’s popularity growing, the scope of the videos is broadening by the day. Some people are learning to play the piano, others how to dance, some are focussing on weight loss while others just want to make dogs happy. While some are for fun, there have also been some powerful windows into people’s lives.

“We had a user with Multiple Sclerosis who was teaching herself to walk again” said Taylor, “her project was really inspiring and you can see the progress she makes even in the short space of 100 days.”

Timelaspe of Cynthia’s progress

While some could be quick to dismiss it as a gimmick, the results speak for themselves: “there’s an amazing project that just reached 100 days where a mother and daughter challenged each other to lose as much weight as possible” continues Taylor, “the mother lost 42lbs and the daughter lost 32lbs, and they had a lot of fun in the process.”

Weight loss timelapse

Finbarr Taylor

Giveit100 comes at a time where social media challenges are growing in popularity. #100happydays will be a familiar sight to many of you, where people involved upload a picture of something that has made them happy that day. Does this help boost Giveit100’s popularity though? “It’s great to see people trying out new things” states Taylor, “Giveit100 is likely to benefit from any change in behaviour where people experiment with new routines.”

Karen X. Cheng

It hasn’t all been simple though; “getting people to stick with it” says Taylor in response to the question of difficulties faced, that along with “challenges on the technical side related to the large numbers of videos on a page [which has] been very tricky.”

Another problem is cost; running a website with this much content isn’t cheap. While the service is free, users have the option to donatemoney to help keep the project alive, earning themselves a badge on their profile and putting a meal in Taylor and Cheng’s stomachs.

Despite this, the positives continue to outweigh the negatives with users around the world finding a new or rekindled love for a hobby, or changing their life in some way or another. I’m currently learning a new song on guitar every day (productive procrastination you might call it). You can follow my attempts here and if you’ve found anything on this page particularly inspiring, you can join me in my mission to 100 with your own goal.

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