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Photos: The Wee G @ The Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2014

Awards show are either one of two things: a totally harmless indulgence and an excuse for a party or an entirely out of touch fabricated self congratulatory excuse for party. Frequently, they’re actually both. In the arts in particular, for every nominee who is there because they know the right person there’s another who is there entirely on their own merit. The argument is usually who decides what merits merit?

Those feeling aside, the fifth year of the Scottish Alternative Music awards is for the most part, a thoroughly entertaining evening. The night’s live acts run the gauntlet from emotive alternative rock to quirky pop and it has to be said, there’s something very endearing about seeing the typical audience for such shows abandon their black t-shirts and skinny jeans in favour of sharp suits and classy dresses.

Watching some good bands, being exposed to new artists, and dressing up is not a bad way to spend a Friday night when you think about it. But perhaps a few more bodies in venues throughout the city on any night of the week would do a lot more for alternative music in Scotland than one night a year ever will.

You can still dress up on those other nights too.

Full list of winners:

Best Acoustic: Jack Rowberry /@JackRowberry

Best Rock/Alternative: Forest Fires /@forest_fires

Best Hip Hop: Hector Bezerk

Best Electro: Machines In Heaven / @MachinesHeaven

Best Metal: Akord / @AkordBand

Best Live Act: Mickey 9s /@Mickey9s

Best Newcomer: Model Aeroplanes

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