Quirkiest Museums in New York

New York has its fair share of quirks being the biggest city in the United States, and there are also quite a few quirky museums that are interesting. Here are a few of the quirkiest museums in New York City.

Morbid Anatomy Museum – Brooklyn

The exhibitions at the Morbid Anatomy Museum are always changing, but you can be sure of one thing is that they will be morbid. Not only are the exhibitions fascinating, but so is the library, which is filled with books about the history of medicine as well as ones dealing with anatomical art. If a human hair scrapbook or an exploded skeleton piques your interest, this is THE museum to visit.

The City Reliquary – Brooklyn

This is a great museum, which is about the history of New York and much quirkier than the bigger New York Historical Society and the Museum of the City of New York. They have high-end items on exhibit such as Tiffany lamps and the popular Hudson River Paintings to others such as classic postcards of the Statue of Liberty and a chain from the City Hall. You can explore the history of the great city in this interesting museum.

The Elevator Historical Society – Long Island

As there are so many elevators in New York and museums devoted to subways and cars it only makes sense to have an elevator museum. Contractor Patrick Carrajat is an elevator expert and even an elevator expert witness. When not working on a case he shows the public all the wonderful things about elevators. The museum has everything about elevators and more and some date back as far as 1881.

Museum – New York City

The Museum is a type of natural history museum where you can find things you will not find at the Smithsonian such as the shoe thrown at George Bush Jr. in 2008 and censored pool toys from Saudi Arabia. This museum is fascinating and historical and cannot be missed.

Museum of Sex (MoSex) – New York City

The name of the museum says it all and located in the former Tenderloin district and has everything from the tasteful to the tasteless. You can feel the silicone Real Doll torsos or check out the over 200 clips from sex on film for the past 150 years including some very explicit scenes from iconic movies such as Deep Throat.

Museum of the American Gangster – New York City

While the Museum of the American Gangster may not be the quirkiest museum on this list and it is located in an old speakeasy. There are exhibits about American gangsters and New York gangsters, and you can even learn some new things that may come in handy such as how to burn off fingerprints to how to hide a flask.

Houdini Museum – New York City

This museum has many artefacts from Harry Houdini’s life and shows how he pulled off some of his best tricks. There are also rare footage films of the famous magician, which cast a light on one quirky character.

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