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Review: Brand New @ Barrowlands

Making a mark during emo and post hardcore’s golden era of the early 00s, Brand Newremained a staple on this generation’s iPod. While groups like The Movielife and Finchdissolved, and rival band Taking Back Sunday peaked after their second album, Brand New continued to produce quality records. Although fourth album, Daisy, was not as well received as the previous three, listeners still queue up to see the four-piece play old favourites.

After teasing the audience with a two minute sound check, The Shower Scene kicked things off. This is when it’s clear that the Brand New fan base has grown up. No longer do circle pits take over the whole venue, engulfing everyone in attendance as they scream and sing along. Instead they remained subdued, at least during this song. When the bass line of one of the group’s most renowned tracks, Sic Transit Gloria, filled the venue, energy levels increased as both beer and arms were thrown into the air.

The thing about going to see Brand New play is that you actually go and see Brand New play. Lead singer, Jesse Lacey, doesn’t waste valuable set time by telling crap jokes, or hitting his bandmates with a microphone after a certain swinging stunt has gone wrong. For him, and the rest of the crew, it’s about the music.

The 90-minute set gave way to much-loved songs such as Jesus; Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t; Seventy Times Seven and The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows. It was clear the New York rockers were keen to play a few tracks from Daisy, which would have left some fans disappointed, Although set lists from previous tour dates in Leeds and London hinted that the band would play classics like Mix Tape and The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, these were omitted from Glasgow’s line-up – alongside Archers.

As the night approached its end, Lacey seemed to lose interest in performing and during the final song, the powerful and emotive You Won’t Know, he gave himself and his bandmates a disappointing send off. Still, the crowd cheered in thanks as Brand New mounted from the stage into the wings – it’s Brand New after all; they’ll remain notorious within this genre as their lyrics articulate partying all night, torn friendships and unrequited love in a way other bands in this field don’t. And to remind you just how good it was back in the golden era, here’s a wee something from the band’s archives:

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