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Review: The Stag @ Cineworld

The classic formula of the “stag do gone wrong” is given a refreshing makeover by director John Butler.

Andrew Scott, best known for his enigmatic portrayal of Moriarty in BBC’s Sherlock, takes on the role of put-upon best man Davin in this cheeky Irish comedy.

After convincing the reluctant groom (played by Hugh O’Conor) to go on a walking holiday for his stag do, things go awry when the bride’s brother, aptly named ‘The Machine’, gate-crashes the party.

This warm-hearted and hilarious film takes us with the men on their mishap-laden trip through the lush Irish wilderness. The adventure gladly flips the stereotype of a laddish stag do and instead features characters who would genuinely rather venture soberly through fields and sing by a campfire than have a sordid weekend in Amsterdam.

The film plays off alpha male ‘The Machine’ against the (decidedly less macho) rest of the group to acutely observed comic effect, and gives a broad and complex view of masculinity in its different forms.

The friendship between Fionnan and Davin is at the core of this film and the honest, awkward and witty exchanges between the two are easily relatable and brilliantly acted.

The climax of the film, which involves drugs, nudity and self-fashioned man-thongs, is deliciously silly and had the audiences in stitches.

Showing as part of the Glasgow Film Festival, this is a winning combination of sharp observations and downright silliness and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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