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World Cup’s Host Cities Series: Rio

The series World Cup’s Host Cities make its final stop at the most famous Brazilian city: Rio de Janeiro. Guest writer, Danielle Amaral, listed 9 reasons to love Rio and dive into the World Cup fever.

Danielle Amaral, 33, is a visual merchandiser.

The World Cup has finally arrived at our home, and the whole country is painted green and yellow. Rio de Janeiro is the stage of Brazilian’s football Mecca, The”Maracanã”, and the city is ready to put on a fantastic show. We can’t deny that a sense of patriotism and hope took over the city.

Image by Christian Haugen

The anger, disappointment and lack of interest in the World Cup, that the whole country had demonstrated since the protests sparkled last year due to the high cost of the stadiums, endless corruption and moral deviations of our corrupt politicians, dissipated when Brazilian’s passion for football took over the streets of the country.

And there’s no better place to enjoy the World Cup than in Rio, preferably with a “Carioca”by your side, (Carioca is a Brazilian adjective or demonyn that is used to refer to the native inhabitants of the city of Rio de Janeiro) to get a taste of what it is to be part of a city that breathes joy and beauty and praise its citizens as its greatest asset.

Image by Nev 360

If you are a “gringo” in Rio, here is my top 9 tips to feel “Carioquíssimo” in my city:

1. You can’t get more Brazilian than a “Carioca”. They are so proud of being “Carioca” that they don’t even look Brazilian.

2. Whatever your religion or beliefs, once you spend some time in Rio chances are that you will become more “connected” to your spiritual side. The Christ of Redeemer will be looking at you every single day with open arms, accepting and embracing whoever you are and whatever you believe. So much so that you will you start liking “that guy” too…

3. “Cariocas” don’t plan to meet up. They simply meet.

4. And in Rio you will never set a time to meet up. It will always be “around” said time.

5. Within five minutes of meeting a “Carioca” they consider you a childhood friend. At the second meeting they hug you and give you nicknames.

6. “Cariocas” don’t invite you over to their place. They will meet you somewhere outdoors. Because Rio is such a beautiful city it doesn’t make sense not to enjoy the view.

7. “Cariocas” wear flip-flops all the time and everywhere. They are free spirits, devoid of any sense of sophistication. They seem to feel uncomfortable or restricted in a more formal setting.

8. “Cariocas” are born to be happy!

9. The more friends, more beer, more laughter and more barbecues, more “Carioca” you become. And since by now you probably turned “Carioca” chances are that you will fall in love with Rio.

Image by Steve

If Brazil is paradise on Earth and the most anticipated event this summer is the World Cup, Rio is the place to be.

So please be my guest and enjoy Rio!

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