YouTube Shooter Angry about Treatment of Video Postings

This week’s shooter at the headquarters of YouTube expressed aggression towards YouTube with respect to perceived treatment towards her channel and posted videos that she felt was disallowing her to share her message towards animal treatment. The shooter has been identified as 39 year old Nasim Aghdam, 39, and while Aghdam took her own life, police are still looking into the motive behind the attack. The attack saw two women and one man injured. At this time, police do not believe any of the victims were targeted and there is no evidence that would suggest they knew the shooter. The male victim is in hospital and listed in critical condition and additional information on the female victims relayed that one was in serious condition and the others was fair.

Police Release Limited Details

What is known about the shooter is that she resided in San Diego, had a large presence online and was a vegan bodybuilder. At this time, the police investigators have not released much about Nasim Aghdam other than she operated several channels on YouTube and owned a website where she posted a variety of videos that focused towards the cruelty towards animals. All channels have not been deleted. Aghdam had posted in 2017 that she felt YouTube was purposely applying filters to the content she posted to deviate viewers from finding her content. She also posted quotes from Adolf Hitler, and wrote that there is little opportunity for equal growth on YouTube and other video content sharing sites.
The shooters father spoke to the media stating that his daughter was mad that YouTube had put a stop to payments for her videos. Those who post videos on their channels are able to receive payments from advertisements that are linked to their videos. However, YouTube has the ability to stop payments for a variety of reasons and remove advertising from videos that are posted.

Father of Shooter Warned Police

Aghdam has failed to respond to phone calls and left messages for several days and had been reported to police as missing. Aghdam’s vehicle was located by police with the shooter inside but was not detailed by police. At the time of the missing person’s report, her father stated to police he was concerned she may attempt to visit the YouTube offices and that she had hatred for the company. As of yesterday, the company had deleted her YouTube accounts as did Facebook and Instagram.

Aghdam went to the YouTube offices during the lunch hour and approached the patio area used by employees. She then began shooting with a handgun. Police were called and arriving on scene found chaos and multiple employees fleeing the area. Many of the employees left with hands raised and many others were checked by police for weapons as confusion as to the shooters identity was unknown at that time. San Bruno police found several victims bleeding from wounds as a result of gunfire at the offices and two others were found at business that neighbour the YouTube offices. The shooter was found in the offices of YouTube and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter from a gunshot wound that was self-inflicted. One employee who works at a local restaurant helped treat one of the victims for a leg wound by creating a tourniquet using a bungee cord while waiting for emergency personal to arrive on scene.

Many YouTube employees took to twitter to alert family members they were ok. All victims were rushed to the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. YouTube employs 1700 people at its headquarters. It is owned by Google and is the largest employer in the San Bruno area.

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