Echoes of the French newspaper recently with commentary on recent moves by the US, which said that “the United States has hit the limit of world power.”

According to the article, the US withdrew from Syria, paving the way for Russia to send troops to Syria and Turkey to attack the Kurds in Syria. Meanwhile, thanks to the help of Kurdish forces that the US military to destroy the leader new organization Islamic State (IS) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi claiming.

When troops from the Syrian withdrawal, as well as troops from Afghanistan to withdraw US President Donald Trump doing something not too different from Barack Obama’s predecessor.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cường quốc Mỹ rút lui, sức mạnh đã tới hạn

Underlying this action, according to the French newspaper, was Washington’s recognition that US military power was “bare-bones”, which could not be more. “The Donald Trump did exactly what he promised. He did what he thought was good for the United States. Mr. Trump was a symptom, not a symptom,” he said. must cause”.

A few months before deploying the re-election plan, Mr. Trump reaffirmed: “America will not continue to act as an international lotus.” Mr. Trump is also not the first US president to create “geopolitical gaps”.

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Ever since the time of former President Obama, Washington has not wanted to intervene around the world, from Iraq, North Korea to Iran, Afghanistan as advisers of former President George W. Bush once wanted. Mr Bush, despite his “overreacting” view of US power, has given up his intention to expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to Ukraine and Georgia.

In 2013, Obama himself canceled an air strike on Syrian military bases on the pretext that Syria used chemical weapons to attack civilians.

The Echo said that US President Donald Trump was the “farthest” with the slogan “America first” applied to all US foreign policies. By asking Europe to share the military spending burden, Mr. Trump reduced Washington’s role within NATO.