Exactly last year today, the World Health Organization began hearing about a group of a few cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, China of “unknown” origin. Here is a summary of the by-the-numbers of the virus that has infected countries around the world since that bad day.

China quickly turned the corner

In the first two months of the disease, almost all reported cases were in China. But after severe closures in Wuhan and other provinces, China quickly turned its back on it. Today it has one of the highest casualties in the world – with less than 100,000 reported cases and fewer than 5,000 deaths, according to figures held by John Hopkins University.

The U.S. has been hit hard

However, by the time China gained control of its outbreak, the virus was spreading widely in countries on all continents of the planet. And nowhere has the figure been more difficult than in the United States. Today the U.S. It is the highest in terms of 19.7 million cases and more than 342,000 deaths. Even though the countries listed as cases reported as a percentage of their population, the U.S. is among the top five. And the U.S. currently has the highest number of new cases reported daily and new daily deaths.

Some other countries have been severely affected

In terms of numbers alone, some of the most affected countries include India with 10.3 million reported cases, Brazil 7.6 million, Russia 3.1 million, France 2.7 million, the UK 2.4 million, Turkey 2.2 million, Italy 2.1 million, Spain 1.9 million, and Germany 1.6 million cases. Almost all of these countries are even in the top ten in terms of death rates. For example, Brazil had more than 193,000, India more than 148,000. And almost all of them now see the highest rates in the world of new reported cases and deaths.