Sydney is Australia’s largest, most famous and oldest city with a population of over 4 million people from 180 countries around the world. It is also the capital of New South Wales and owns one of the most beautiful harbors in the world.

The Sydney’s mild weather helps residents and tourists boost outdoor activities. Anytime you want to go shopping, enjoy a picnic, sightseeing or take part in adventure sports. You will have countless choices to meet your preferences in Sydney.

Sydney CBD is surrounded on the east by a series of parks stretching from Hyde Park to the Domain and Royal Botanic Gardens to Farm Cove on the bay. The west is surrounded by Darling Harbor. It is a place that attracts many tourists.

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Sydney- a global fashion center. You can find colorful supermarkets on weekends in Rocks, Paddington, Balmain, Woolloomooloo and Haymarket. This place is not as famous as Singapore – shopping paradise. But Sydney still attracts a large number of international visitors every year to … buy discount goods.

In addition, Sydney is also famous for outdoor parties and there are many choices to suit the price and taste of each person. Dishes of various ethnic backgrounds are included in the menus of restaurants or even family meals.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cuộc sống ở úc

Whatever you are interested in, you can find it in a friendly and relaxed community in Sydney. Sydney’s climate is subtropical, with warm summers, cool winters and even rainfall throughout the year.

The weather is mild by being near the ocean. And harsher temperatures are recorded in the western suburbs deep in the continent. Students may choose to live with an Australian family (Homestay).

They live in student accommodation rooms or can rent a private apartment. Currently, Homestay is the first choice of international students. Health Australia has a very good health system. All Australians are obligated to pay Medicare taxes to fund the public health system.