The language and the car are the key to the life in the land of people, there are still two things, you will still be stuck … Although the content of the article is not that far, big as the secret. determined to get rich, is only a small part of knowledge, but it may be necessary for some people who are already intending to cross this country to live.

Everywhere life is, must go to work to have income to cover daily life. Moreover, material demand according to life is higher.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cuộc sống ở mỹ

Last day, only wishing for a minimum living need. As for the new component, after settling down, most of them go to the regulations of immigration and guarantee individuals, such as the parents who sponsor their children, the brothers guarantee each other, the husband sponsors the wife, so the conditions materially, support time is much more limited.

If you don’t have money to bring, meaning proletariat, you can’t wait. You have to accept any job (of course honesty), whether it is hard work, unskilled things, to make money to cover family life.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cuộc sống ở mỹ

Sponsors, they can voluntarily help you with the first time in your ability, but they are not obliged to support you and your family. Or even if they want, sometimes it’s not enough, because this fee is not a small number.

What would be the job in your country in case you are new in this country? It’s not hard to understand, hey:

Just imagine, a newcomer who asks for a job: does not say, cannot hear what the owner wants to say, has no professional experience, sometimes is old, his health is not full … All are children No, no different from a toddler, what you can do, apart from things no one wants to do new to you.