Special and diversified Japanese food and drink culture, traditions and traditions and beautiful lifestyles are transmitted from one life to another. If you go to study abroad in Japan and especially new students to pay special attention and should learn the beauty of this traditional culture.

The shops even without people looking at the store, all the goods when purchased are still paid properly in a cash box that the store owner has available for the buyers to put money into it. In some cultures, thanks, sorry may not be often said, but for Japanese people they immediately thank or apologize when something happens, they disturb or affect others at home, place public or eating restaurants…

However, when eating noodles or soha, water noodles or water vermicelli, they slurp up, have a loud cry, but according to them, they eat so even though the Japanese are famous as polite. This may be customary and also a beauty in their eating. Besides, they also eat raw foods like salmon that are eaten raw and processed in many Japanese dishes in daily life.
Therefore, culture is the difference between the beauty of Japanese life and many people in the world when they come to this country to learn. The students, when going to study in Japan when they know the beauty and this lifestyle will be easier to integrate into life after going to Japan.

For Japanese people, when going to any school, they often take off their shoes when entering the house. Because in the old days, their houses were often carpeted, mats or wood, … and entered the house with another pair of slippers to change. These are usually slippers to keep the house clean.

Many people when studying in Japan are often very impressed with this. They say show respect and politeness to others when their actions can affect people around them.