Always known as one of the happiest, civilized and most livable countries in the world, Sweden has many things that the world must respect and desire. So, what makes the “peaceful” life of the Swedes, especially the elderly? These are shown by Swedish artist and designer Margareta Magnusson in her first book.

This is an unnecessary cleaning process that can be done at any age or life stage. The principle is that cleaning should be done before others have to do it for you.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Swedes

In his book, “Living peacefully like a Swedish,” the Swedish artist and designer, Margareta Magnusson, shared her stories and principles of minimalist living through cleaning the house before death. Because as Margareta Magnusson said: “We know for sure we will one day die. Cleaning up before death is not a sad thing. I want it to be a fun and exciting job.”

Margareta Magnusson’s method consisted of arranging everything in order and a gentle, gradual view of death. With Margareta Magnusson, we should clean up knowing that our time is running out. But in the process of living, we have generated a lot of furniture.

According to Margareta Magnusson, if everything is organized, we don’t have to waste time searching for them. Learning to let go of things that no longer bring joy or usefulness is a way for us to lead a peaceful and unobtrusive life in old age.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Swedes

In her book, “Living peacefully like a Swedish,” Margareta suggests items that you can easily remove to lead a peaceful life such as never-worn clothes, unwanted presents, plates. you do not need; or even some things you might want to preserve like pictures, love letters, paintings of children …

Through the story of cleaning up, leaving her late husband’s items and her own commemorative items, Margareta shared the interesting and potential difficulties when you decided to clean, give up something. In it, the reader can also partly understand the life and way of thinking of the Swedes. From there, it’s easy to understand the idea of ​​minimalist living in Sweden honestly.