The famous German news magazine Der Spiegel fired a prize-winning journalist after he was accused of fabricating details and quotes in many of his articles.

Guardian reported that the news magazine Der Spiegel had fallen into crisis after admitting that one of their top journalists had fabricated information in the past few years. This information has caused the world news so shock.

Accordingly, the journalist Claas Relotius is accused of “fabricating details on a large scale and even composing characters” in at least 14 of his 60 papers. They have appeared in print and electronic journals. Der Spiegel warned that other news agencies could be affected. Among the relevant articles are the important articles that have been nominated or won, Der Spiegel said.

In a statement released on December 19, the German magazine said it was determining the full scale of the rumors of Relotius. It was found after a colleague co-operated with the journalist in an article expressing the suspicion of Relotius’s post.

An investigation into Relotius’s article on migration and the US-Mexico border shows that he fabricated information about seeing a hand painted sign in a Minnesota town: “The Mexicans get out of here “.

The fabricated information appeared on other articles including an article about prisoners at the US military base in Guantanamo Bay and an article about American football player Colin Kaepernick.

Relotius, who started writing for Der Spiegel as a freelance journalist in 2011. He confessed to the magazine that he regretted his actions and was extremely embarrassed. Relotius wrote a total of 60 articles for Der Spiegel, many of which he claimed to be accurate.

Der Spiegel is one of the most prominent news agencies in Germany. It was founded in 1947 and is well known for its in-depth investigation papers. The magazine sells around 725,000 copies a month and attracts more than 6.5 million readers on the site.