Notre Dame Cathedral was built more than 850 years ago by leading artists, and after the fire on April 15, the building could be repaired by advanced robots. After the fire was extinguished, the first images of the interior of Notre Dame Cathedral immediately attracted the attention of the public worldwide, especially experts in restoration relics.

And they all thought that to restore the 850-year-old structure back to the splendor of the past, the most advanced technologies of the future needed to be used. They think that this is a risky job, but must accept it because of the future of the work recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage.

Even before engineers can access the ruins of the cathedral dome, design and architectural conservationists have looked at the most modern technologies possible to apply them to the process of cultivation. Fix one of Europe’s iconic buildings.

In Japan, experimental robots have been used to work in places where people cannot come. Meanwhile, in Brazil, experts used the latest digital technology to recreate destroyed details in the fire.

What is the biggest question for engineers and conservationists in the case of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to combine the latest technology of the 21st century with medieval art and craft, to protect the ancient and lively whole of the cathedral.

A number of technologies will be used during the renovation of the Notre Dame Cathedral, which appeared before everyone’s eyes before. When a fire broke out above the dome of the building on April 15, hundreds of firefighters tried to control the fire, and supported them with two drones with level cameras. High definition, flying around the fire to monitor the situation.

They said the two drones, the Mavic Pro and Matrice M210 series, produced by Chinese company DJI Technology, helped Paris firefighters to position the faucet to control the fire, preventing it from rolling. to two church bell tower towers.