Recently, the world media suddenly noticed and explored the theme of the Swedish lifestyle “Lagom“, even though the country has been practicing its typical lifestyle for over 1,000 years. It is found by Perhaps lust and indifference to boredom, Lagomism, which has been in existence for so long, has been suddenly noticed by its simplicity.

People told each other stories from the Viking era to explain the phrase Lagom, that at that time, Viking warriors often sat around the fire and transmitted the buffalo horn filled with alcohol, and they had to keep their honor. by drinking just the right amount of alcohol so the horn can be passed on to each other longer and everyone has a share. The phrase “laget om” was born to refer to the sufficiency, gradually it was shortened to Lagom but retains the same meaning.

Americans and Europeans have considered Sweden’s Lagomism as a barrier separating the country from the modern world, as they pursue consumerism and demand stimulus to achieve economic growth. . But until the material abundance, entertainment, and mental arousal reached its peak that made people tired and disoriented, they began to seek more authentic and lasting values.

The Swedes are famous for their motto of equality, charity, with them expressing patriotism or excessive nationalism as a racist, fearing that it will cause guilt and disregard for foreigners live in their own country. They have proven that preserving long traditions and good spiritual values ​​is the best way to protect their people, not necessarily raising up the slogan, inciting people’s spirit.

A race contrary to Lagom. It is generosity and emotional control, when everything is moderately moderated, it is difficult to have opportunities for extreme agitation and deviations, society will be stable and harmonious without to rigid, unreliable sanctions. And the adequacy once again brings freedom to man and society.