Information is the opportunity to re-establish the value of the mainstream press and focus on quality. Relying on readers is the longest, most stable and lasting way for a newspaper to grow.

Just a few decades ago, the press was still a reliable source of information at affordable prices. Readers did not hesitate to spend the amount of money as well as their breakfast to buy daily news.

At present, the technology platform is growing. The more online advertising and social networking appear to be as a news approach to information for people. The press is losing faith in its readers. On the other hand, it is struggling to find new ways of business before the development of technology.

The “read the newspaper” by social networking brings “single benefits but many benefits” such as diverse information, fast updates, news spread and almost free.

The Facebook Instant is an example. This feature allows users to read the full text of the articles right on their News Feed without opening a web browser. On average, Facebook users spend less than a second waiting to open a newsletter, which is 10 times faster than previous rates.

The social networking is the place to spread the news but not all the news are originated from here. In addition to famous technology companies such as Facebook or Google spread advertising, false information. But it is their media organizations who are responsible for messages in the first.

There are articles that are classified ads, but the title is not labeled and mixed with other news. The disguised ads that are also considered fake. Fairly speaking, the fake news is an opportunity to re-establish the value of the mainstream press brand and focus on quality.

In the face of overwhelming and overwhelming online information, news publishers need to focus on creating meaningful and influential articles that will convince readers to spend money for it.

Of course, these promising solutions or promises of journalistic quality can not change the field of journalism better overnight. But they can also improve media – advertising – news – beliefs.